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                       Go, go, Argentina!!!

                                       fter the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we began to work as a team,
                                       athletes, coaches and managers, looking towards our next goal: The
                                 ATokyo Olympic Games.

                                  Along with the Olympic preparations, there was a global pandemic that cha-
                                  llenged us all in many ways.

                                  We have gone through two very complicated years.

                                  Our  athletes  have  made  an  enormous  effort  to  train  and  persist  in  their
                                  goals ahead of these Games.

                               The entire team has worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible conditions for
          them to prepare for this event.

          These Games will be atypical and the results will be unpredictable in some cases due to the difficult and
          untraditional preparation that the athletes may have had for this event.

          The Tokyo Olympic Games are a sign of hope, bringing together—for the first time since the beginning of
          the pandemic—more than 200 countries to compete and, above all, to show the world that together we
          can, with due care, move forward with our lives towards a better future.

          We thank everyone who is part of this.

          The Olympic Movement and the Japanese people have joined together in this enormous task of bringing
          these Games to fruition. Thank you all!

          The Tokyo Olympic Games will require a lot of discipline and respect for the protocols and all the rules and
          regulations against COVID-19, where we must all lead by example, taking care of our health and strictly
          complying with what is established in the Playbooks.

          In conclusion, I wish them all the best in these Games. We stand by our athletes, who with their best
          effort, keeping their spirits high and believing that they represent our country, will always have our great

         Go, go, Argentina!!!

                                                                 Dr. Gerardo WERTHEIN
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